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Green Panda Farms is just as diverse as its variety of produce. We're proud of our knowledge about how to create the freshest organic goodness for your body.   Our practices and processes set new standards.  We deliver directly to local chefs, caters and the health-conscious consumer. Being local our produce is more fresh, flavorful and nutritious than produce that is transported from outside the city.  We pride ourselves on our manual processes, checking the plants daily and harvesting at peak of flavor.  We are small but mighty, all the more reason to shop locally! Come enjoy our tiny greens, and micro herbs with a big taste! Allow us to grow amazing food loaded with bold flavors.

Cheers to your health!

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The Experts

Our Passion

Green Panda Farms is owned and operated by Navy Veteran Tenita Solanto.  She was inspired to start a farm focused on growing healthy superfoods for its customers.  The farm will be used as a source to connect the community to healthier food sources and get people to know that healthy food can be tasty.  It's her passion to help others and teach the community about living a healthy way of life.