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​​** Chefs and Markets contact us directly for wholesale market prices.**

Not looking for a subscription service? Email us with your request.  Keep in mind we grow to order, and usually, harvest the same day we deliver.  Microgreen orders can take 1 - 3 weeks to begin regular fulfillment.  After the initial delivery, the Microgreen orders can be available on a weekly basis to those who subscribe to weekly deliveries. Green Panda Farms provides a weekly delivery service to all surrounding areas.  Delivery is free for the NC Triangle area and all surrounding areas.  However, we will deliver to any location for a reasonable delivery or postage fee.  If you are outside of our delivery area Green Panda Farms will contact you about the delivery/shipping cost of your order.

Let us know if there is a Microgreen, Sprout or Herb you would like that is not listed above!   We can grow anything you want. 

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